The Web Marketing For Dummies Guide


Web marketing is by no means an easy game to pick up. There is a ton of bad information out there, and the good information needs to constantly be updated in order to keep up with the fast paced changes that the Internet provides. Knowing where to start can be difficult; but with this web marketing for dummies walk-through your pain should be alleviated.


Step One: Know What You Want To Learn

The biggest thing that kills those who don’t read the web marketing for dummies guide is a lack of direction. Very few people come into the web marketing game knowing what it is they want to do. Your first step is to remove yourself from this group.

What are you good at? Do you have any skills that you can market for money right away? What are your interests, and what would you like to learn? Answering these three questions will be the most important part of starting your online marketing journey. It will tell you whether you should start out with products or offering services, it will tell you where you might need to outsource, and it will identify the niches that you would be best off operating in.

Don’t be too quick to celebrate once you know WHAT you want to do. That only brings you to day one. Now you need to figure out HOW you’re going to make the business that you have in mind work.

Step Two: Know Who Can Teach It To You

You could try figuring out all of this business on your own; but going down that path is sure to put you among the 95% of novices that never make it in the web marketing game. Working online is by no means easy, and there are rules and tricks of the trade that you’re going to need to learn.


That’s why your second step is going to be to find a mentor, and latching yourself onto them like white on rice. This web marketing for dummies tutorial is a great way to get started with that; but it is only the first step.

You need to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know, so you have to be careful when looking for a mentor to follow. Good mentors will have great advice to give to you freely, as well as products that they have prepared or endorsed that will put you on the right path. Fly by night operations will try to get you to buy and then never talk to you again. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll know who is who.

Step Three: Commit And Conquer

Once you have a sense of direction, the rest of the game is mental. You need to commit to making your web marketing business work, and that means committing to your mentor and committing to yourself. This line of work is not for the weak at heart, so don’t go in at less than 100%.

Once you handle all of the above, you need only to go through the grind of the beginner’s learning curve before you conquer web marketing and become your very own success story!